Friday, August 1, 2014

In death and darkness

Dear readers, 

The title of this post is quite apt as you probably thought that we were dead and we have most definitely kept you in the dark for quite a while. However, there is no need to fret for we have been alive and active. 

And we return bearing good news:In the following weeks, our first ever published story will be available for sale on Amazon in digital format at a very reduced price!

In Death and Darkness is a short story featuring vampires and romance in the LGBT genre written by our alter-egos (yes, we have a few...) Caelan White and Kendall Frost. 

We leave you with the official synopsis of the book and the cover.

"Johannes has spent over 400 years tormenting himself over the events that took place the evening he was turned into a vampire. Blinded and celibate as atonement, he merely goes to the motions of his eternal life. That changes when he accidentally meets Alexis, a guy that suffers from crippling seizures. With Alexis, Johannes will realize that nothing is truly lost."

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